Wedding Photography For Noobs: Land The Wedding

Wedding Noobs, Welcome! Because everyone has to shoot a first wedding and chances are pay is questionable. Young photographers face a world of challenges and working for free is not always on our to do  list.

Land the wedding.

   Landing the first wedding is not easy. Here are a few steps to wiggling your way in.

  1. Family:   Family can be touchy because all relatives are grade A psycho. Especially when it comes to a wedding. Oh, yours isn’t? I call bull shit. 

When it comes to family and wedding pictures, you are walking thin ice. Thankfully,

they are family and they are forever forced to love you. That being said, they are family. SO heres I would go about asking to photograph the biggest moment of your big brothers life….ask the bride. But really big bro or big sis, give them out, be clear about their and your expectations, and agree to treat them as a client. Give them a consultation. Run them through their shot list. Leave nothing out. Grab a shot list of poses from the inter web and run through all the important ones. Make notes, etc.

Be professional, show your relative an upfront contract, and follow through. Beware of reception. You must only shoot a family members wedding if you can stay professional and get all your shots. Shmoozing is a no- go.

Family Friends:

This one isn’t a walk in the park either. Family friends will often say yes to another photographer but find out if you are their only one. Reach out to them through the family member who IS the friend and give them permission to say no.

Second Shooter: This one is the best, but can feel slow daunting and frankly like you are above holding someone else reflector. But if you have the chance, DO IT. Often this pays 10-15 an hour which sounds like dirt but, take it. Take notes, Watch the lead photographer, and work with them to understand your timing and placement during the wedding, initial consultation, shot list, key moments, and detial shots, also pay attention to how they are being billed, their images are being edited, and how they are being shared. 

Social Media Use social media: wedding wire, craigslist, smartshoot, reach out on instagram Facebook: Don’t be shy. 

Without the initial wedding, there will never be a second. Get in there, Bring all your lenses, write about it, and feel the f*cking love.

That being said: I chose the family friends route:

Perl Wedding


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